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For US households, their home is the single largest store of wealth. Home ownership is correlated with wealth increases at all income levels, and is correlated with better educational outcomes for children. (source)

Your home is not just a place to live, it’s your largest investment. At PHX Home Investors, we bring expertise from tax, valuation, and legal experts to find the right place at the right price for our clients. Our typical clients include:

  • Existing homeowners who would like to move and are considering keeping their prior home as a cashflow producing rental property
  • Investors seeking to add cashflow producing properties to their portfolio, whether it’s their first or fiftieth acquisition.
  • First-time homebuyers who want to maximize the investment potential of their new home and grow their wealth.

Cashflow Producing Properties

Homes rented as either single family rentals or as short term vacation rentals (VRBO, AirBNB) have several attractive properties as investments.

  • Favorable tax treatment – Revenues are enhanced by favorable tax treatment for depreciation, interest expenses, and capital gains. 
  • Access to capital – A buyer can borrow 75% or more of the asset value when borrowing, and has access to loan products against a home’s equity.
  • Low cost financing – Lenders consider real estate a low-risk asset and interest rates for real estate investments are typically much lower relative to loans for other types of investment.

How to get started

Everything is relatively intuitive to explain, but the details matter. Contact us and let’s make a personal plan together for your property ownership future based on your goals and aspirations.